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It may sound a little strange, but in retrospect, I can’t think of a better time to have started my business than during the recession.

I trained myself up on food safety and manufacturing, as well as on managing a business during the depths of the economic downturn. I didn’t mean for it to happen that way, but in reality, now I’m ready to scale up, the general atmosphere for businesses is much more positive.

Now, I realise I have some ingredients for a tasty business which can succeed:

  • the sector of the market I’m operating in has had a record-breaking 12% rise last year despite the recession;
  • my never-ending, and indeed, increasing passion for cooking the best authentic Mexican food there is in the land;
  • importantly, the great, fantastic people I have met along the way who bring different experiences and skills …

All of this seems to be combining to create something very special. Maybe entrepreneurs are like passionate foodies in the kitchen, combining the different ingredients to create a delicious meal, where timing, quality of input, skill, and the heating element of their passion all have a part to play to create success.

You can find out more about Marcela on the new interactive business website www.inafishbowl.com


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BRAVE, the Bristol enterprise agency, report an encouraging level of interest in their introductory course ‘Thinking about business?’ The next session for this seminar is a sell-out.

Yet everywhere there are the signs of a downturn:

  • In the high street there are half price offers… retailers desperate to keep the tills ringing.
  • An architect friend, who traditionally relies on word of mouth for new business, says he has no prospect of any work at all. People just can’t afford that kitchen extension.
  • And the guy who works from 7AM to 9PM to run our corner shop has finally thrown in the towel. Too many people are now unable to justify the premium he charges for convenience, me included.

The South West of England has a high level of small businesses, compared to much of the country. Could it be that the people signing up to BRAVE’s starter course reflect something in the water round these parts? Are they shrugging aside the doom and gloom and just getting on with their entrepreneurial dreams?

Or, as a more cynical friend suggested, are the attendees the recently redundant, now researching alternative ways to make a living?

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